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Cassie SlomaExploring new countries and cultures is something I’ve grown to love.   And I’m not alone.   According to Millennial Marketing, 79% of millennials would like to visit all fifty states and 75% would like to travel abroad. After completing a semester abroad in Europe, I quickly signed up to travel with fellow Ball State students to work behind the scenes at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.
One of the biggest hurdles for international travel is the cost.  People assume that it’s crazy expensive and they’re right.  Well, kind of.   There are ways to limit expenses for your next big adventure.  I’ve put together a list of ways to make travel a little lighter on the wallet. 
Ask Family 
       Sometimes the answer is sitting right across from you at Thanksgiving dinner. Talk about your hopes and dreams with relatives, and ask if they would be willing to donate to your trip. 
Fund Me 
       One of the most popular ways to raise funds. Many of my friends abroad had these pages, and they worked fairly well. You can create a page through or, and then share it on social media. 
Cheap Travel 
       Once you have a plan and some funds, the budgeting doesn’t stop there! Below are frequent websites and services I used while traveling to help cut costs. 
       Hostleworld helps young travelers stay with fellow young travelers.  It’s safe and cheap.  Pay attention to the ratings. Never book a hostel that has anything short of an excellent rating, you’ll regret it if you do. If the complaints are something you can live with, like a room being too cold, then go ahead and book. But if they are complaints on the 
cleanliness or location of the hostel, then don’t do it. 
       Airbnb can be another option. These are private homes that allow you to stay for a fee. The idea of an Airbnb freaked me out at first, but many of my friends actually prefer them. Again, just like Hostleworld, take the reviews seriously.
       TripAdvisor is a great way to search for hidden gems in a city, but still be mindful of your budget.  Buy food from a nearby grocery store. That way you have snacks whenever and you limit your restaurant visits. 
 Traveling   Student Discounts    Being a traveling student has major perks. Most museums and attractions 
have student discounts available.  Just ask!
Cassie Sloma

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