BLOG: Juice Made From Amazon Fruits

I am a current student attending Ball State University, and I recently had the opportunity to travel toBrazil for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games to write stories, conduct interviews and share what it is like in a country hosting the international event.
Every restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil, had a juice option.  Orange juice definitely became one of my favorites on the menu. A few places also had apple juice as an option and, my absolute favorite, was mango with lemon fruit juice. This was at Picnic Gastronomia.
The mango with lemon was orange, sweet and creamy with a slight tangy aftertaste — the lemon. With a straw, a lot of love and great determination, the amazing drink lasted through my meal.
Another favorite of mine? Papaya with pineapple from Mortadela Brasil. This drink was paired with a sandwich, a tall glass, and a great atmosphere of happiness and forming friendships. Papaya is a sweet and tangy orange consistency with the hint of yellow sweetness from the pineapple.   
Every morning at the O de Casa, a hostel I stayed at in São Paulo, I would order breakfast of bread and fruit, but would also receive fresh-squeezed orange juice — with lots of pulp! It was an entire glass of fresh pulp, sweet goodness and absolute happiness through a straw.
Not quite juice, but definitely Amazon-fruit goodness, was Guaraná Soda. This comes from an Amazon berry, Guaraná. It is carbonated, sweetened and canned for absolute enjoyment. For someone who does not drink pop, this drink easily became a must-have and a huge highlight of my trip. What with the bubbles, sweet sap and a cherry-raspberry flavor, how could you not love it? This drink is a great pair with any meal (when Amazon fruit juice is not available), and it will be on my wish list come next holiday season.
Even if it is out of your typical drink selection, on your trip through Brazil, be sure to check for the papaya, mango, passionfruit, guava and the sugarcane-based juices. The sugarcane juice is usually made at the counter — the juice squeezed out of the cane, the fruit of your choice … and then an amazing drink is sitting at your fingertips. Guava was definitely my favorite of the sugarcane juices.
Always keep an eye for these drinks, and be like me: order a juice with every meal while traveling Brazil.  
Madeline Grosh is a Ball State University student and writer for Ball State at the Games, a group of 50 journalism students traveling from Muncie, Ind., to Rio for the OlympicGames. Follow them at, @bsuatthegames on Twitter and Instagram, and on Facebook.
Madeline Grosh

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